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Basic Teaching Philosophy

One of my ongoing goals as a human being is to help others discover and/or further appreciate the lifelong joy of playing music. My fundamental goal as a music teacher is to help each of my students become as independent as possible, as quickly as possible, in his/her pursuit of learning piano or trumpet. There are many skills in music (of any genre or style) that can be learned, practiced and eventually “mastered,” including reading/interpreting written music, playing “by ear,” composing, arranging, improvising, playing with good technique and performing artistically. My job in teaching these skills is to present knowledge, explain how to apply that knowledge, demonstrate how to practice effectively, and model the results. For children, I try to provide some instruction about all of the aforementioned musical skills, and focus on those in which students seem to be most interested and/or those that I think are most necessary for their success in learning their instrument. For adults, I provide instruction in whatever particular area(s) they express interest. With all students, I strive to cultivate an overall understanding of music while building a wealth of knowledge/skills, and confidence therein, that they will be able to use to enjoy playing for the rest of their lives. ~MH


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