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Following is a collection of unsolicited comments/notes from students and parents dating back to 2002 and continuing through 2022. It is no longer updated, as I think 20 years of this kind of accreditation is sufficient! The “testimonials” came from both a comment box that was available intermittently at the Menchey Music Education Center for a period when I was an instructor there, as well as emails that were sent to the store. The “notes” came from emails sent to me directly, as well as from handwritten notes and cards.

Testimonials from students and parents

We have been with Matt Hochmiller for many years and have been extremely happy with his teaching ability and style. He has been a fabulous teacher for our fact, we have traveled a long distance (over 40 minutes) every week for the past 9-10 years because we wanted to continue with the great teaching he has provided.

C.H., parent, Oct-02-2019

My son takes lessons from Matt Hochmiller. He is always patient and flexible when needed. The staff is quick to help and offers greetings upon entering.

E.E., parent, Apr-21-2017

I'm learning piano and I am enjoying my lessons a lot. Mr. Matt is super nice and helpful. L.K., 13-year-old student, Oct-29-2016

He's an amazing teacher. I studied with him for six years. He helped me get into Lancaster Bible College as a music education major.

K.R., 18-year-old student, Sep-02-2016

Menchey is the best and so is Mr. Matt.

K.Z., 10-year-old student, Aug-08-2016

Matt Hochmiller is very patient, nice, funny, very caring, talented, jazzy and cool.

T.N., 13-year-old student, Aug-19-2015

I love that my teacher teaches me fun songs and is very kind.

A.M., 12-year-old student, Jul-24-2015

He makes it so that you don't struggle with music.

F.S., 8-year-old student, Jun-06-2015

I love that he makes everything fun while playing the piano.

R.G.,10-year-old student, May-03-2015

I love Mr. Matt because he is kind and does nice things during our lessons.

A.Y., 7-year-old student, Apr-13-2015

Mr. Hochmiller is the greatest piano teacher ever! He is patient, smart, and organized. These are three of many different wonderful traits of his.

O.S., 11-year-old student, Jan-07-2014

Matt is an excellent musician. He is also a patient instructor and is a supportive teacher. He's great with beginners.

M.M., parent, Apr-20-2012

I've learned a lot since I started lessons. Mr. Hochmiller is an excellent teacher...He teaches me about pretty much everything I can learn about piano, including improvisation.

T.R., 12-year-old student, Sep-16-2013

Notes from students and parents

On the way home [from his lesson], William was telling me how excited he is to learn how to improvise and reharmonize, etc. His cousin has been here all week, but after he left yesterday William has been at the piano constantly.

C.H., parent, Jun-30-2022

Thank you so much for the patience you show me and Katy. You are a blessing!

S.S., parent, Apr-2-2022

You're the best teacher ever!

K.S., 7-year-old student, Feb-20-2022

Thanks so much for all you do. Avery loves having you for a teacher.

J.S., parent, Dec-17-2021

You are a great teacher -- the best with your patience and understanding. You really put people at ease. I really appreciate your help and would recommend you to anyone. If I wanted to pursue a career in music, you would be the first teacher I would choose.

G.J., adult student, Aug-27-2021

I wanted to let you know that I am graduating with my BMus in Music Education from Lancaster Bible College this Friday!!...I have my first job interview in a few weeks. Thank you for all of your help and guidance in high school. I wouldn't be where I'm at if it hadn't been for your instruction and encouragement. Thanks for pushing me even when I didn't want to put in the work.

K.R., former student, May-4-2021

Thank you very much for your expertise and patience over the past couple years. I gained much from your instruction...

J.H., adult student, Jan-2-2020

Thank you so much for everything Ana’s learned about music so far! She seems to really enjoy it and we're glad she could get her start with you!

E.P., parent, Sep-17-2019

It has been a rewarding and wonderful pleasure being your student. You have taught me to read music and play the piano -- a lifelong desire. You are an excellent teacher, answering all my dumb questions, but never making me feel dumb. I've always felt very comfortable with you and appreciate your gentle spirit and always soft-spoken words. You've never shown irritation or frustration at my lack of practice. You are indeed a patient man!

V.W., adult student, Apr-27-2019

Thanks for always being so flexible so that our schedules could work.

E.L., parent, Apr-18-2019

Thank you so much for your great teaching.

E.C., parent, Jul-05-2018

As a parent, I think we are very lucky to have found you as a professional teacher. Thank you for teaching Sophia all the things you have taught her.

L.Y., parent, May-14-2018

Thank you so much for these last few years! You have been so patient and understanding with Roman's issues and our crazy, hectic schedule. We are so grateful that you have brought Roman to this point. He's off to a wonderful start because of you!

J.M., parent, Apr-27-2018

I wanted to thank you for all the help and time you put in with Brenya over the years and wish you good luck in the future...You're a very good teacher and I know she enjoyed her time and learned a lot with your help.

S.S., parent, Apr-24-2018

Thank you so much for your kind demeanor and patience with Shane. I think you'll really help him gain the confidence he needs to move forward with trumpet. Look forward to his next lesson.

A.C., parent, Mar-20-2018

We are truly thankful to have such a talented and respected teacher for Allison. Thank you for always ensuring that her live performances are professional and that she is well prepared to represent herself and Menchey Music to the best of her ability.

J.Y., parent, Feb-12-2018

A couple a weeks ago at the end of the year school concert Aaron gave you a shout out to the families that attended. He told them how he appreciates how you encourage and push him to be better. So thank you.

D.T., parent, May-24-2017

Ashley is having a great time with you as her instructor. I enjoy hearing from her about her progress, but most importantly the different ways she is learning. Thanks again for bringing the joy of music to her. She loves it.

J.D., parent, May-03-2017

Thank you, Matt, for being such a great teacher. I've learned so much the past year and look forward to this New Year!

N.G., 12-year-old student, Jan-06-2017

Thank you so much for all you are doing for Jason. We came to you for one thing but you have made it a better experience than we expected. Deeply appreciate that.

V.K., parent, Nov-15-2016

Thanks for being the BEST piano teacher ever!

S.O., 7-year-old student, Jan-20-2016

Thank you for all the piano lessons because now that I take lessons I am really liking to play the piano.

H.T., 7-year-old student, Oct-01-2015

Thank you so much for your time and efforts in helping me play piano. I have learned so many things from you and know that I will continue my love of playing and use what you have taught me. You are very talented and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

R.L., adult student, Jun-04-2015

Thank you for your wonderful lessons with Hanna. I am really happy to see her progress. M.T., parent, May-21-2015

We are very pleased with your instruction and the level of patience you have working with young children. I also admire the discipline that you instill for Allison to get all of the components correct without being stern or forceful. In our opinion, she has come a long way in just a year and a half of instruction with you; especially when you consider the fact that she started from square one without even knowing how to read music. Thank you for being such a fantastic instructor.

J.Y., parent, Apr-10-2015

Thank you for all of your positive musical influence with Santiago. I know music will always be a part of his life.

B.G., parent, Feb-27-2015

Thanks for teaching me what I need to know about piano and for acting like an advocate to me.

E.L., 11-year-old student, Jan-08-2015

Thank you for being such a great teacher!

M.L., 10-year-old student, Dec-18-2014

Thank you for your time, patience and consideration. I know Sidney has had a wonderful time learning the piano from you over the past 2 or so years.

J.G., parent, Aug-27-2014

Emma has made lots of progress with piano since starting with you and we couldn't be more pleased.

A.W., parent, May-02-2014

Thanks Matt! You're doing a great job with Ava. She loves you and piano!

L.A., parent, Apr-23-2014

Kyrsten has enjoyed learning the basic fundamentals of piano and especially loved learning to play current music. I appreciate your teaching the last few years and I will recommend you if I hear of anyone looking for lessons.

J.S., parent, Feb-13-2014

Thank you so much for all that you have done to encourage Emily's love for music. Her enthusiasm for the piano has increased by leaps and bounds and we have you to thank for that.

A.D., parent, Jan-06-2014

I know Lincoln is really enjoying the trumpet - he practices willingly without being asked! Thank you!

E.O., parent, Dec-30-2013

Thank you for keeping the love of music in Robbie! He really enjoys learning from you...Choosing you as his trumpet and piano teacher has been one of the greatest decisions we've made to advance his musical career.

L.B., parent, Dec-20-2013

Thank you so much for all you've done with Aidan. He's enjoyed learning piano and music in general. We're so glad he had you for his introduction to all of this!

W.F., parent, Aug-29-2013

Thank you for all of your work with Scott (and Sam before!). We appreciate your patience in our ups and downs of practicing. Thank you for working on composing and improvising as well. Scott loves it!

J.S., parent, Dec-21-2012

I really enjoy piano. You are the best teacher ever.

L.D., 7-year-old student, Dec-05-2012

I wanted to thank you for helping me towards a career in music. I have recently won the first-place award for the Senior Division and District Level of the MTNA 2012 Composition Competition. I have also garnered a Special Distinction and Honors status for the PMTA 2012 Performance Auditions, at York College. My piano repertoire now includes "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" by Franz Liszt, the first Classical piece I ever loved and one I feared I would never get to play. Your guidance helped massively to get me this far.

R.S., college student, Nov-10-2012

Krissy has learned so much from you over the past few years and we wholeheartedly feel like you are an excellent teacher. We will always be thankful for your commitment toward her music education.

M.J., parent, Aug-23-2012

I wanted to let you know that I came in first at district jazz band auditions yesterday. Thanks for all your help in preparing me.

C.M., 15 year-old student, Jan-21-2012

You are a terrific teacher and have a talent for communicating well with your students. I'm grateful for what I've learned from you in our short time together.

C.S., adult student, Jan-13-2012

Thanks for being a good teacher. I remember when I was with my old piano teacher, none of my songs ever sounded anything like they were supposed to sound. You've helped me so much and taught me everything I know about rhythm, theory, transposing, transcribing, songwriting, creating my own arrangements, and more. Other music teachers never really seemed to care if I learned anything, but you actually care that your students learn. I appreciate it more than you know. You're the reason I'm able to make my songs sound like they're supposed to sound on every instrument I play, the reason I know how to transpose my songs into singable keys for piano, guitar, etc. I'm sure you are helping a lot of people with music more than you know. There doesn't seem to be many good music teachers out there, but you're a great one.

J.H., adult student, Dec-22-2011

Thank you for being such a great piano teacher!!

M.H., 13-year-old student, Dec-21-2011

Thank you for being in Michael's life and helping him to play the piano so well! We enjoy all his practicing and hope to hear him more. We thank God for who you are and all you are teaching Michael!

J.N., parent, Dec-14-2011

I wanted to let you know that Brandi finally won a pageant, Miss Immaculata University, in September. She performed Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach which you had worked on with her in the past. It was a happy moment as perseverance paid off.

R.S., parent, Oct-11-2011

Kevin has really loved working with you and getting to know you these last few years. We all think you are a wonderful teacher and person.

D.R., parent, Jun-14-2011

I recently entered "A Villanelle, a Sonnet, and a Limerick," the string quartet which I composed starting last December, in the Keystone Composition Competition, held by the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association. I received third place in my class of the candidates and a $25 check. I would like to thank you for coaching me with composing and for advising me with notation and Finale. Your guidance helped me greatly.

R.S., 15-year-old student, May-05-2011

Thank you for helping Kristen with her interest in piano. She is genuinely enjoying learning with you. She is really working hard and practicing every day.

M.J., parent, Jul-16-2010

Thanks for all you have done for Michael. He has really enjoyed having you as a teacher.

K.A., parent, Mar-01-2010

I just wanted to thank you again for all of my lessons this summer at Mencheys. I learned a great deal and feel more confident as a piano player, which is really important to me.

S.B., college student, Aug-22-2009

We appreciate the job you do with Tessa so much. We are so fortunate to have found such wonderful music teachers [at Menchey].

L.B., parent, Dec-19-2008

I promise that I will not e-mail you after each lesson, but I wanted to thank you for today. Caleb was so excited about his lesson, he talked and talked all the way home. You can even "pick up music that you have never seen and just play it!!" And you talk in music language! Thank you.

D.C., parent, Jan-10-2008

Thank you for your endless patience and keen sense of humor! You're helping me achieve a life long goal. I truly appreciate it.

L.T., adult student, Dec-14-2007

Thanks for all your help. You are a great teacher, and amazing musician!

Z.W., 13-year-old student, Dec-21-2006

I want to thank you for giving Taylor piano lessons over the past two years. She has really enjoyed playing the piano and has learned so much from you. My husband and I appreciate your patience with her. You have given her a great foundation for music.

B.F., parent, Jan-02-2005

Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano. I learned a lot from you over the past two years. I will miss you very much. You are a great and wonderful piano teacher. You got me all the way to Level 4. I am very proud of that. You work very hard in helping me. I will never forget you. All the teaching you taught me will be in my mind when I play piano and take piano lessons. May you keep on playing and teaching piano.

E.H., 10-year-old student, Nov-09-2002


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